LifeSmart is a very flexible automation system that has different solutions that will fit your different needs – from Building Management Solutions, Smart Home Management Solutions, Hotel and AirBnB Solutions, Office and Co-Working Space Management Solutions, Warehouse Management Solutions and Device Automation Solutions — unique solutions such as swimming pool automation, Post-COVID solution automation and many others.

Smart Home

What can a fully automated Smart Home do? LifeSmart Smart Home System solutions have different features that answer your different needs and priorities – a safe home, a colorful and convenient lifestyle for you and your family. Enjoy a more stress-free life, free from the burdens of daily tasks with an easy-to-manage household with LifeSmart as your personal home assistant.

LifeSmart is among the top global brands to provide smart home products and solutions on the market that features several access control options, real-time push notifications, automation options and many more. We offer complete categories of smart devices, integrating advanced IoT technologies and cloud services, to form the base of both smart home solutions and other industrial solutions.

Smart Building

Manage your building efficiently with LifeSmart’s building automation and experience the true benefits of Smart Building Management – Save energy, manpower and other costs with LifeSmart automation. Keep the building secure and safe with real-time monitoring alerts and seamless integrated security system.

LifeSmart provides high-quality, reliable SMART and AUTOMATED tech infrastructure for residential and commercial spaces that is easy to understand and use, and enables energy saving, security, safety system and lowers down operational costs. We can customize depending to your needs and priorities.

LifeSmart is being exclusively distributed by Fine Upgrades Computer and Gadgets Philippines.