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Visual Sense Cataract Center

Dr. Emil Jaca

Many friends ask me, “Aren’t you scared when you see patients?”. Each time. Every time. All the time but we have to go on and see those who need their eyes checked and operated on.

I take comfort in the fact that our facility is fitted with state-of-the-art, automated equipment powered by Lifesmart Philippines.

St. Francis Manpower

Engr. Dave Karamihan
General Manager

Lifesmart installed my Automated UVC Solution several months into the pandemic. While we already have a disinfection routine for our office every Saturday, this Lifesmart UVC system gives us an added layer of safety and confidence while we’re all off the office.

It disinfects every night keeping it virus free when we come in the morning after.

Lifesmart Clients

Our happy customers

Anthony Leuterio, founder of Filipinohomes.com
Ms. Narissa Espinoza of ARN BUILDERS
Nilo Miranda, Systems Operations Manager, Gaisano Capital
Atty Regal Oliva, Mandaue City Treasurer

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